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Basrur is located at a distance of 8 Kilo meters from Kundapura - Shimoga By pass, the place is known as Basrur MuruKai. The Kundapur Railway station is only 3 Kilo meters away from Basrur. In Basrur,Shree Mahalasa Narayani temple is located at Mandikeri, near Shree Mahalingeshwara temple. The temple is the replica of Shree Mahalasa Narayani temple at Mardol, Goa.

The "Swagatha Gopura" welcomes you and the Lord Ganesha is at the top of the Gopura. When you step into the outer premises of the temple, you come across "Deepa Sthambha" and "Tulasi ", the place where the earlier "Garbha Gruha" was located. After this there is a "Swagatha Mantapa".

On passing this "Swagatha Mantapa" , there are 14 "Gavakshas" (windows) and ceiling is decorated with stone carved designs . "Dashavathara" idols at the top of the "Chowki" gives it an immense look. "Jaya- Vijaya" statues are sculptured on both the sides of the "Garbha Gruha". "Rajatha Dwara" adhores the "Garbha Gruha". " Shayana Gruha" is at the right side of the "Garbha Gruha".

Inside the "Garbha Gruha"our mother "Malshi" resides. The "Rajatha Peeta" is of four steps. "Pradhana Devi" (Shree Mahalasa Narayani) idol is made up of "Panchaloha" and is on the first step of the "Rajatha Peeta". Lord Vittala and Lord Venkataramana idols are on the second step. Rajatha(silver) "Utsava" idol of Shree Mahalasa Narayani is placed on the third step of the "Rajatha Peeta". The "Saligram aSampusta" is arranged on the last step of "Rajatha Peeta". After "Pradakshina" and "Prasadam " ,as you come out of the temple you can see the "Asta Lakshmis" surrounded on the top of the "Gopura". The gold coated "Shikhara Kalasha" is placed at the top of the "Gopura".

"Naivedya Gruha" and "Naivedya" are well situated at the right and left side of the temple respectively. "Agrashala" and "Yajna Mantapa" are at the left side of the temple. Office complex comprises guest rooms and guest hall which besides the office room.

The total area of temple stands on an area of about 2.65 acres of land and the river side place also belongs to the temple.